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Everyone should set up a My Insider’s Guide account if you want to make money fast and keep it coming in for the long term. Allow me to explain. We have solved the #1 problem that keeps almost all home business enthusiasts from reaching their financial goals. This is exciting news for you to have this powerful information in your pocket. Read on!

Here’s all I ask:

  1. Read & Watch the presentations here…
  2. Focus so you understand the information and…
  3. Stay with me until the very end (that’s where the best part is.)


  • Break even on your first sale
  • Make $100K/yr with only 30 people on your team
  • Professional marketing tools
  • Proven Turnkey Complete Business Plan and Strategy never before revealed
  • And more …

And none of these turnoffs:

  • No large investment
  • No carrying inventory
  • No taking orders or deliveries
  • No billing or collections
  • No pressuring customers to buy

1. Review my free report by downloading “Direct Sales or MLM — Which is Better?”

2. After you read through that, watch this presentation “How We Get Paid”:

3. To make this business a huge success and build up your yearly income, you will need qualified leads to join you and duplicate this simple process. Lead Power is the best source I have found and likely where you came from. The best leads they have are Diamond Exclusive Leads. Waiting for your call, friendly and will join you and get you in profit FAST.  We also are on a team with excellent lead COOPs that are low priced and high producing.

4. Listen on to the second part of this exciting business you will be working with me:

5. Ok, you still have some questions.

Four-GoldThe key to your success is just to get Four-Goldyour first four sales (easy) of which you give your #2 and #4 sales to your mentor. Then, when your #1 and #3 give you their #2 and #4, your team will consist of SIX members paying you directly on a monthly basis… and this duplication keeps going… all based on you just getting your first four sales.

This is not to say that you can not make more sales and of course you will want to to further increase your income. But do you have to? NO! The basis of the concept is that you just need to get your first four which qualifies you for unlimited income.

What do I have to do?

Good question! Here’s a short summary.

  1. Join me in MIG. Join Me NOW Once there, join me at the $50 level (and $100 and $200 if at all possible) and pay the $24.95 payment to the admin (this is what keeps the business infrastructure up and running, servers upgraded, software upgraded, etc.)
  2. Fill in your profile in the MIG members “Profile” area. Best to get an E4 Merchant account through MIG.  Instructions are right there and easy to follow.  You will get approved in 24-48 hours.  The E4 account is the best way to accept credit cards.
  3. Get over to our lead source: MLM Leads and order as many USA-Only leads as you can. These are the ones who will be seriously working the business with you.  Also order We Call Your Leads time according to how many leads you are getting.  That way, MLM Leads will call your leads FOR you and pre-qualify them for this business.  So you won’t be talking to any losers or whiners; only serious folks who want to get financially free as quickly as possible.PhoneBlack
  4. Get an Autoresponder account with Aweber so you can collect leads.  I’ll show you how.  
  5. Call me to schedule a time to discuss getting these folks onboard with you so you start making money fast. My personal cell: 703-203-4648 I will call these people with you listening in and get them in your business so you get in profit FAST. I will teach you how to only talk to interested prospects for about 5 minutes and get them to your presentation (like this little blog post) and get them on board with you FAST. Money Loves Speed and this is how we use that to build your income.
  6. I will make you a blog page just like this with your info in it (or you can if you know how.)
  7. In a day or two after we start and after you have made a few sales with profits starting to build, you will want to get a “merchant account” so you can take credit cards. This makes it easier for folks to join you. Fortunately, we have pre-negotiated with a top tier provider so you are guaranteed to be approved in 24 to 48 hours, if not sooner. Kind of detailed but easy overall.
  8. I’m here to help but I eventually want you to be able to do it on your own so your business grows faster and stronger on its own and you can teach others too. Believe me, it does not take long to get good at this!
  9. Note: Seasoned salesmen know that this is the ONLY way to make good money at direct sales. Now you do too!

Ok, so I know this is a lot to swallow.

But tell me, where else have you been given a complete business plan and strategy to reach $100K/year like this? (Frankly, $100K/yr will soon look like chump change to you when you see how fast this grows with this proven process.) The reason I am upfront with you like no one else has been is I want you to know what to expect (work-wise that is) as well as learning the rewards it will bring you.

$100k/year will be easy to attain for everyone if you follow my lead; And teach others to do the same.

If you are looking for some automatic signup miracle… well, keep looking. Been there, done that and have multiple tee-shirts to prove it!

I looked for the last 10 years and wasted a ton of money on push-button miracles, one-step processes and all that hypey kind of junk. It just doesn’t work folks. Getting on the phone with actual interested people does and that’s why I am telling you like it is… so you know what to expect.

The reason this works is MLM Leads prequalifies your leads and get rid of the losers and whiners so you ONLY work with interested prospect all the time.  What a relief!

I will not hang you out to dry after you join. Far from it, I will teach you how to sign up people in your first week so you get in profit FAST and stay in profit with it building for the long term.


  • You should read and listen to this three or four times to let it sink in. This is a powerful business plan unlike any you have ever seen.
  • Don’t blow it off just because you don’t understand something. Go back and watch, listen and read this business plan again… 3 or 4 times.
  • Don’t think you can’t do this. It’s a really simple business once you get the setup out of the way and get a few calls to these eager leads under your belt. You will be amazed how excited folks are to see a complete business plan with nothing hidden.
  • I want to help YOU get financially free FAST if that would be OK with you.
  • This MIG business can and will do it if you follow my lead.

Feel free to call or write at any time.

Fred RaleyFred Raley
Woodbridge, VA
(703) 203-4648
Skype: FredRaley
Find out: AboutMe

P.S. Read my FAQ’s if you are still unsure.

P.P.S. After you reach a substantial income with MIG, I will teach you my closely guarded secret on how to double, triple and quadruple that income with little extra effort. I’ve already got it in place! Just think… you are making $100K/year and almost instantly you turn that into $200K/year or $300K/year.  Really cool eh?